Moultrie Trail Camera Reviews

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The producers of the Moultire line of trail cameras have given as much attention to the quality of the pictures as they have to the cameras themselves.  With many options to choose from today’s hunter has his choice of image quality and day or night usage, as well as many other features.

The “A5 Low-Glow Game Camera” is a staple in the line of cameras being produced today.  It allows for day or night video clips, and can capture 30,000 images on just 4 C-cell batteries.  It has several settings for picture delay to choose from, ranging from 1 to 30 minutes.  With a time and date stamp available, this camera gives the hunter extremely accurate information for tracking purposes.

The “M990i No Glow” is equipped with a 70 foot night range and a trigger that snaps in less than one second.  It is especially effective for nighttime tracking, as it has a special “motion-freeze” technology that effectively reduces dreaded nighttime blur.  Its “illumi-Night” sensor also adds to the clarity of the pictures taken after dark.  For all of these features, this unit carries a healthy price tag.  For the budget shopper, the “D444 Low Glow Game Camera” offers a nice option.  This camera still has 25,000 images at capacity, and four operational modes to choose from.  It does not have a “motion-freeze” feature like some higher-priced models.  If the camera you need to suit your purposes doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles of the M990i, then the D444 is a user-friendly success story for the hunter looking for a deal.

The unique looking “Panoramic 150 Game Camera” has 3 special motion sensors that provide a wide angle of views.  From start to stop, this process covers 150 degrees of vision across the chosen landscape.  There are 5 different operational modes, depending on your specific needs.  Whether you are tracking day or night, using infrared or time-lapse plotting, this camera has the ability to get the job done.

Once you have made your purchase, your new Moultrie trail camera needs to be protected.  The outdoor wildlife can get curious about the lights and movements inherent in a trail camera, and once it catches their eye, they will investigate further.  To prevent Mother Nature’s creatures from dismembering your investment, the Moultire Game camera security box may be a wise purchase.  It is specially designed to fit all Moultire cameras within the “M” series, and also custom fits anything produced after 2012.  The Steel security box has a powder coating for extra durability.  The design provides for a snug fit avoiding the need to constantly reposition the unit.  The reinforced lag bolts are included, and effectively connect to most trees or structures.  The setup has been designed to be user friendly and efficient, and the hardware needed is included.  In addition, the unit has been constructed to easily incorporate a steel cable for security purposes.

With a wide variety of cameras to choose from, the Moultire line of Trail Cameras has something for every hunter to satisfy his tracking needs.